Thursday, August 6, 2009

Recruit minorities in police force: Maharashtra Government

Mumbai: The state government in Maharashtra has directed the district heads and police commissioners in every district to include hundred candidates from the minority communities in police force, reported the local media yesterday.

According to the report, in all the 35 districts in the state 100 candidates from the minority communities that the state government has directed to recruit, include 70 Muslims, 20 Buddhists, 4 Christians, 4 Jains and one each from the Sikh and Parsi communities.

The Government appointment District Collectors in every district to head the committee to select the candidates from the minority communities and respective Police Commissioners, Superintendent of Police (SP), local representative from the minorities and Deputy Collectors as committee members to assist the Collectors.

Those recruited under this scheme would undergo a special training for which the government has sanctioned 2.17 crore rupees. Candidates will be selected following the norms and on the basis of the requisite fitness test. After the selection they would be given two month’s training each so that they become eligible to become part of the police force.

The decision though being termed as a poll bonanza by some people, it is being widely greeted in the state as a right step to give the police force a much needed shape and inclusive representation.

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